Green Cleaning Practices

Environmentally Friendly Office Maintenance & Facility Management

Like you, Aspen Facility Services Believes The Fewer Chemicals in our water and pollutants in our air, the better.

Aspen provides a different approach to an industry that is notorious for coming up short on service. As part of our signature services Aspen provides their EnviroEvaluation for every office or facility. Our practices include: assisting to create a recycle program that best fits your office or facility needs. Also, Aspen will perform, at no charge, a consumable dispenser analysis: for example there are many paper and soap dispensers that can be switched out to save with paper cost, and water consumption, at sometimes no cost. Using “green” chemicals and switching from disposable mops to reusable microfiber mops are also helpful ideas, but that is just part of the story… Please contact us to find out more of what you can do to convert your office or facility into a more environmentally friendly work place.

Green Ideas

Mops, Sponges, Rags, and other Accessories...

WHY: Reduce your use of non-renewable resources; avoid products with potentially harmful ingredients such as sponges with antibacterial ingredients; reuse old shirts as rags and more. Use cloth rags instead of paper towels to save trees. Save money!

HOW: Look at your purchase of mops, paper towels, sponges, buckets, vacuums, and more with an eye towards their durability, health and environmental impact. If you must use paper towels buy recycled, unbleached paper.

HIGHLIGHTS: Reusable mops, rags instead of paper, safe sponges, HEPA vacuums all work towards providing your home and environment with fresh, clean air, and reduce your consumption of nonrenewable resources.

Signature Green Carpet Care Service

  1. Environmentally Preferred – Improved cleaning means better indoor air quality and low microbial activity. Uses 30 times less water than many wet cleaning methods.
  2. Fast Dry Time – our low moisture system allows carpets to be walked on in just 20 minutes.
  3. Manufacture Approved – All products are approved for stain-resistant fibers & select products are Woolsafe™.
  4. No Chemical Residue – Special “green” formulations use no hazardous chemicals, which means no residues or special handling.
  5. Cost Savings – This system is the most cost effective maintenance system on the market which significantly extends carpet life.
  6. No Reappearing Spots – Eliminating sticky soils and residue, dirt has nothing to cling to so spots will not reappear. No more wasting money on over cleaning.
  7. Pile Lifting – The system lift piles while it cleans.
  8. Brighter & Cleaner Carpets – The crystal encapsulation technology absorbs soil as it dries to recover a “true clean”.