Aspen's Enviro-Evaluation

Aspen Facility Services strongly believes in preserving the environment. Therefore, Aspen has developed a variety of ways to be more “green” when it comes to maintaining your facility. Aspen Facility Services offers an “ENVIRO-EVALUATION” as part of our package.

Our Evaluation

Green Sealed” Certified Carpet Care System

Aspen is one of the only companies certified in this unique carpet care system. All of the chemicals contain no Volatile Organic Compounds. It uses low moisture, is quick, effective, and our system is recommended by all major carpet mill companies, additionally it is wool safe. Ask for a free demonstration.

Consumable Dispenser Analysis

As technology and awareness continues to develop, we are now learning more about cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to dispense paper products, soaps, and air fresheners. Aspen will take the time to tour your facility, and provide alternative suggestions for your dispensers. Did you know switching to foam soap dispensers can save your facility close to 8% of your water bill? Foam soap comes off much quicker than traditional pink soap. Also, you can save roughly 10% on paper towel consumption by switching to roll towels versus c-fold and multi-fold. Think about it, when we see the folded towels, we tend to take much more than we need… The best part is with a little shopping around we can find the dispensers for free.

Cleaning Chemicals

At one time the thought of “green” cleaning chemicals, lead us to think of extra dollars. Well, time is catching up, and they are now much more affordable options, especially when using “ready to dispense” methods. There is a green alternative for almost every chemical, from stainless steel polish to bowl cleaners. Although, there is not a green disinfectant with 100% kill, I feel it is matter of time. At Aspen we are up to date on the latest green cleaning chemicals and materials on the market. Therefore, we can assist you in obtaining LEED points.

Cleaning Methods and Products

Aspen has taken the time to research and to find out what methods are environmentally friendly, and still provides the efficiency and quality we stand for. We choose to use Microfiber … instead of disposable mops and rags; we launder our microfiber products for repeat usage. We actually feel it does a better job. Additionally, HEPA filter vacuums are a must have these days. All of our vacuums have HEPA filtration, which eliminates close to 99% of air born allergens.

Office Recycling Program

It is our pleasure to assist with developing a recycling program for your office or property. Starting is always the tough part, so Aspen has developed a presentation that walks you through the necessary steps for implementation. Every office should have a system in place, and we are happy to help. Ask for the presentation.