About Us

Who We Are

Aspen Facility Services is a full service maintenance company, with many unique procedures and services. With our client and the environment in mind Aspen Services will go above and beyond to provide an elite level of service. We understand who our client is, and therefore we are able to recognize your true needs. Aspen brings obtained industry knowledge through the experience we have gained in the industry, plus the relationships which we have created along the way.

Who We Service

Our clients include office complexes, strip malls, commercial buildings, medical offices, schools, warehouses, residential home owner associations, and much more. Decades of experience has prepared us with the qualifications, resources, and capabilities to perform various tasks and provide the highest level of customer responsiveness available in the industry. Aspen is confident we can assist you with any project or needed service.


Aspen Management is the back bone of our company. We believe management is the most important element to provide a high level of sustained service. Our management team goes through a two month Manager-In Training program which helps them to understand the job at hand, as well as the industry, our clients, and what it means to provide sustained service at a high level.